Ultimate Vocabulary 2006

Ultimate Vocabulary 2006: Improve Your Vocabulary And Success. Money Back Guarantee. Vocabulary And Success. Mony Back Guarantee. Ultimate Vocabulary Is the only vocabulary building technology that gives you 7 easy strategies to boost your vocabulary by 1000 words or more in as little as 10 minutes per day. You have probably been judged by your vocabulary many times this year without even knowing it! Whether you realize it or not, every time you speak, people use your language to instantly "tip them off" about how educated, competent

Korean HakGyo 2.1: Learn the basics of Conversational Korean with grammar and vocabulary.
Korean HakGyo 2.1

Vocabulary Page The Vocabulary Page introduces the new vocabulary for the chapter. The vocabulary and the audio can be reviewed using the AutoProgress feature which allows for automatic progress through the list of vocabulary with the choice of playing the audio and delaying the display of the English meanings. --- Vocabulary Exercises After the vocabulary has been reviewed, a number vocabulary exercises test retention. The exercise including multiple

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QB - Text Analyzer  1.1: Automatically generate a vocabulary list from a text sample.
QB - Text Analyzer 1.1

- Automatically generate a vocabulary list from a text sample - Sort the vocabulary list alphabetically or by word count - Export the vocabulary list to HTML - Export the vocabulary list to Quiz-Buddy to memorize those words that you select - For each individual word, see a list of all the sentences where it is used - Quickly translate words and sentences - Add translations, definitions or comments to each word

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VocProf Vocabulary Trainer 2.03: VocProf is a powerful multilingual vocabulary coach.
VocProf Vocabulary Trainer 2.03

VocProf helps students and foreign language learners learn their vocabulary very efficiently. VocProf has been developed upon the experience of hundreds of foreign language learners. To match their high demands, VocProf provides various learning methods: learning sessions to learn vocabulary, vocabulary tests to test your knowledge and train your words. Highly innovative features ensure that studying vocabulary with VocProf is very efficient.

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RocketReader Vocab American Edition 1.4: Powerful vocabulary builder - use our lessons or create your own. Great for SAT!
RocketReader Vocab American Edition 1.4

vocabulary with RocketReader Vocab! The ability to communicate correctly is vital for business and career success. RocketReader Vocab transforms your vocabulary by training you on a powerful set of words conveniently organized into 37 lessons. The lessons cover a variety of topics from boardroom talk to exotic clothing items. Powerful unlimited vocabulary lesson editor is also included so you can train yourself on your own vocabulary sets. This feature

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WordQuiz 2010.08.03: A flashcard program for learning vocabulary and terminology
WordQuiz 2010.08.03

A powerful tool for vocabulary learning. Build your own vocabulary documents and use the flashcard, multiple choice, question and answer or fill-in-the-blank modes to practice the vocabularies. Have the quiz go through your vocabulary randomly or in order. If you wish, you can repeat any incorrect answers until you master all the words. You can get hints to the correct answer. The vocabulary documents are easy to edit and maintain.

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SAT Words College Vocabulary Software 1.4: SAT Vocabulary Software for the College and High School Student
SAT Words College Vocabulary Software 1.4

SAT Words College: This vocabulary software covers high-frequency SAT vocabulary words with engaging backgrounds and constant interactive learning situations. Studying these words improves performance on any verbal standardized test, including the ACT and GRE. Full scoring and tracking of all user responses is included. Engaging direct vocabulary instruction of words taught in context.

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